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Unicom: 122.95

Monday-Friday: 0600-2000
Saturday-Sunday: 0700-1900
Lobby opens: 0900 daily



Reducing Our Global Impact

We recognize the need for change in our world through more thoughtful processes, fair practices, and a focus on sustainability. The aviation industry as a whole features ample opportunity for improvement and we strive to be one of the leaders in this movement. We have made deliberate and productive steps towards this goal and have set our sights on true sustainability in the coming ten years.

Goal: Protect our forests

By strategically and intentionally identifying excess paper usage and waste, from daily operations and paperless invoicing, to appropriate and thorough recycling procedures for offloaded newspapers and magazines, Robinson Aviation strives to reduce our paper usage every day.

We have identified and implemented the following initiatives:

  • All internal, non-sensitive waste paper is reused, when possible, for alternate-side printing, and when not possible is converted into scrap notepads
  • Offloaded newspapers are repurposed by employees for at-home use and when not feasible, are stored on-premises until they can be properly recycled
  • All disposable paper towels are purchased with a minimum of 60% recycled materials and are FSC certified

Goal: Protect our waterways

We understand our duty to protect our planet’s water. Located on the coast, we strive to be exceptional stewards of all wetlands around us, our groundwater, our rivers, and our oceans. Through careful and deliberate procedures, we minimize the risk of contaminants entering the water supply by:

  • Utilizing a fuel reclamation system that minimizes daily QC waste, reduces the risk of spillage, and significantly reduces the amount of waste fuel generated by hundreds of gallons per month
  • Partnering with our primary vendor, Staples, we purchase only those chemicals listed as EPA Safer Choice for routine cleaning
  • Continuously developing new methods of reducing contamination from all aviation-related liquids



Goal: Stakeholder Well-being

Our stakeholders are not just our customers. Our employees, our neighbors, our vendors, and our planet all comprise our direct stakeholders. As such, we strive to:

  • Be inclusive and diverse
  • Maintain gender equality
  • Keep our noise levels to a minimum and encourage our customers to be mindful of our neighbors
  • Maintain our strong code of ethics and corporate responsibility
  • Participate in youth programs, career fairs, and other educational functions to foster interest in aviation from an early age

Be open and transparent in our pricing structure


Goal: Going Green

Robinson Aviation makes every effort to reduce our environmental impact. We incorporate a compost pile for food scraps and organic matter, upgraded all of our lighting to LED, and have fuel reclamation devices on all of our tanks in our fuel farm. We buy our coffee in bulk from Willoughby’s Coffee, a New Haven-based roaster, eliminating the costly plastic portion bags found at most FBOs for aircraft-bound coffee. We fertilize our gardens with all used coffee grounds, and frequently donate other grounds to employees and customers for use as exceptional fertilizer in their own gardens. We offer porcelain mugs and glass water glasses for all passengers and guests who will be enjoying a beverage in our lobby, eliminating unnecessary waste associated with disposable cups. We also make every effort to recycle applicable non-regulated garbage.

We appreciate crews that want to go above and beyond in helping us in our “Going Green” goals. Robinson Aviation will be happy to assist you by taking pre-sorted recyclable material and making sure it is disposed of properly, reducing not only our impact on the environment, but yours as well. Paperless invoicing is also available. Ask the front desk for details regarding our “Going Green” initiative.