- Airfield Status -

Unicom: 122.95

Monday-Friday: 0600-2000
Saturday-Sunday: 0700-1900
Lobby opens: 0900 daily

Our Services

Safe. Secure. Professional.

Robinson Aviation is staffed by fully trained, NATA Safety 1st certified line service technicians and supervisors. We service every aircraft which travels through New Haven, whether it be private or commercial, to the highest safety and quality standards you come to expect at FBOs far larger. Accompanying our well-trained crew, you’ll find many of the same amenities you come to expect from larger operations at busier commercial airports, including the following on-demand services:

        • Ground Power Units (GPUs)
        • Potable Water Service
        • Lavatory Service
        • O2 and Nitrogen Service (Advance notice required)
        • Rampside Valet and Car Servicing
        • Baggage Handling Equipment
        • Portable Air Stairs
        • Full De-Icing / Anti-icing Capabilities
        • Forklift Service
        • Personalized Catering

Fuel Services

Offering a multitude of contract fuel programs, volume discounts, and AVTRIP points!

You can learn more about our current fuel prices and contract programs HERE.

Hangar space

Hangar space is currently limited. Please call ahead for availability and pricing. For long-term storage or to place yourself on the wait list, please call and ask to speak to an Operations Manager!


Tiedown space is offered for monthly rent or transient ops. We offer complimentary tiedown ropes, a secure AOA, and a NATA Safety 1st fully-trained line crew, meaning your aircraft will be safe and secure.


As of November 14th, 2019, the airport has implemented TSA-required secure badging and access requirements for all individuals desiring access to any area within the airport fence, hereafter referred to as the Airport Operations Area (AOA). As a Part 139 certificated air carrier airport, Robinson Aviation must ensure compliance with the following requirements.

    • Access to the general aviation areas is granted only to badged airport employees, tenants, and pilots displaying a current Tweed-issued security badge.

    • Pilots who display a NATA-compliant security badge may access the portion of the AOA on and in which their aircraft is currently receiving services from the Fixed Base Operator only.

    • Access to the general aviation areas by any other individuals not duly badged must be accompanied by a pilot displaying a NATA-compliant security badge or be under the direct escort of a badged Robinson Aviation employee.

Robinson Aviation staff will check the identification of all individuals requesting ramp access, and perform challenges to all persons on the AOA who are not properly displaying identification. Any individual who fails to display a proper badge issued by the Tweed-New Haven Airport or other NATA-complaint security identification shall be asked to exit the AOA and be reported to Airport Operations. See the front desk if you require access to the ramp.

If you are a hangar or tiedown tenant, stop by the front desk to pick up an airport badging application. Robinson Aviation is unable to provide escorts to such persons and access will be denied without an airport badge.