- Airfield Status -

Unicom: 122.95

Monday-Friday: 0600-2000
Saturday-Sunday: 0700-1900
Lobby opens: 0900 daily

Information for International Operations & Operators

Robinson Aviation and the Tweed-New Haven Airport are capable and ready to receive international flights and international operators. With on-site Customs clearance, a world-class line services department and amenities to rival the big city FBOs, Robinson Aviation is your choice for international operations on the Connecticut shoreline.

Below is a comprehensive guide to the most commonly asked questions from international operators. If you do not find your answer here, please call during business hours or e-mail our Customer Service Team to get the answers you need to make you and your passengers safe, comfortable, and accomplished.

Airport/FBO Hours of Operation

The Tweed-New Haven Airport is a public-use airport that is open 24/7/365. Arrivals are subject to a noise abatement restriction during certain hours. Operations may occur outside these restrictions by contacting Airport Operations at least 24 hours prior to arrival.

After hours services are available for a fee,and must be arranged in advance and during our normal business hours. We recommend calling at least 48 hours in advance to arrange your after-hours operations.

ATC Hours of Operation

The air traffic control tower is open from 0600-2200 local, daily. During hours which the tower is closed, the airport advisory frequency is 124.80. Clearance Delivery is available between 2200-0600 local from New York Approach on 121.70.

ARFF Category/Class

The Tweed-New Haven Airport is staffed at FAA ARFF Index C levels 24/7 with professional, trained fire fighting services. If you require additional ARFF capabilities or have questions about emergency response at Tweed, contact Airport Operations 24/7 at (203) 907-9818.

Consult the following chart for ICAO ARFF Class Equivalency:

Aerodrome Category (ICAO)

Airport Index (FAA)

Airplane Length (m)

Min Number of Vehicles



0 < L < 9



9 ≤ L < 12


12 ≤ L < 18


18 ≤ L < 24


24 ≤ L < 28



28 ≤ L < 39

2 (FAA 1-2)



39 ≤ L < 49

2 (FAA 2-3)



49 ≤ L < 61




61 ≤ L < 76


76 ≤ L < 90

US Customs/Immigration

Tweed-New Haven is a designated Port of Entry for flights arriving from points outside of the United States. Advanced reservations are required.

To arrange an international arrival, be sure to file the proper EAPIS paperwork. Robinson Aviation cannot assist you with any questions or paperwork for your international operation. For questions regarding specific regulatory procedures or landing rights, contact the New Haven Field Office at (203) 773-2040.

Customs agents will clear your aircraft on Robinson Aviation’s ramp. We will handle disposing of international and regulated garbage. Disposal fees apply.

Robinson Aviation does not handle HAZMAT goods.

For an international flight arriving after hours, Robinson Aviation personnel must be present. Arrangements should be made during normal business hours.

Ramp Access

Robinson Aviation is located on the East Ramp at the Tweed-New Haven Airport, in the center hangar building. The East Ramp is accessed from both Taxiways Hotel and Golf. Use caution for aircraft tiedown spaces located adjacent to ramp entrances. If you desire a wingwalk assist, call Robinson Aviation on UNICOM (122.95) upon landing.

Pedestrian/Passenger/Crew access to the ramp is restricted to escorted individuals only, and those posessing a crewmember badge. All individuals must be escorted by a Robinson Aviation employee at all times while out on the ramp. Passengers may be asked to wait inside if a Robinson Aviation line service technician is not available to provide escort on the ramp.

Veicular access to the ramp is controlled by Robinson Aviation, and all vehicular traffic must be escored by a Robinson Aviation employee. There are no unescorted vehicle operations permitted. Passengers or crews desiring to access the ramp with their vehicles must first check-in with the Front Desk by either walking inside or calling.

After-hours access to the ramp is permitted ONLY while under escort by a Robinson Aviation employee. There will be no access allowed after-hours if after hours services have not been arranged in advance. Airport Operations cannot escort you or your passengers while on the ramp. Any after hours access shall be subject to an after hours callout fee. Speak to the Robinson Aviation Front Desk for more information.

Airport Surface Information (PCN/AIP Docs)

Runway 2/20 PCN: 57 /F/C/X/T

FAA Data:
Single Wheel (S) – 110,000 lbs.
Dual Wheel (D) – 160,000 lbs.
Single Tandem (2S) – 175,000 lbs.

Additional questions about surface weight bearing capacities should be directed to Airport Operations.

Robinson Aviation routinely services aircraft up to and including Boeing BBJ-class aircraft.

VIP Lounge/Facilities

Robinson Aviation offers a newly renovated 2,500 square foot executive terminal facility with a TV lounge, Private Lounge, conference room, and public departure lounge.

We also have a fully-stocked flight planning center for crew necessities.

Catering Information

Robinson Aviation works with a variety of catering options. We can recommend a caterer that will best fit your price and quality requirements. A sample list is below. Call our Customer Service Team during normal business hour to discuss other options.


121 Inflight Catering / dnata
Executive Cuisine
Culinary Concerts
Events Catering
Linen & Laundry Services

Robinson Aviation is able arrange washing and/or dry cleaning of linens, blankets/sheets, and other textiles for a fee. Simply let us know upon arrival of your need for laundry services, and see the front desk to arrange your specific needs.

Please plan accordingly. If you plan to depart prior to 8:00 AM, we will require at least 24 hours to ensure completion of the service. washing and dry cleaning arrangements are not available on Sunday.

Security Services

Robinson Aviation and Tweed-New Haven Airport DO NOT provide security services such as guards or passenger screening. It is the responsibility of the aircraft operator to arrange such security services if desired, and coordinate them with Robinson Aviation at least 24 hours in advance of arrival/departure.

Note that the use of any such securty that is not Local, State, or Federal law enforcement shall require additional Robinson Aviation personnel present to provide secure area escort services, and may incur additional fees. Contact Robinson Aviation to inquire whether such fees would be applicable to your operation.

Fuel Availability

Robinson Aviation offers Jet-A turbine fuel and 100 Low Lead aviation gasoline. Jet-A is available both with, and without, anti-icing additive.

We offer up to 6,000 gallons of Jet-A fuel per uplift. Larger single-upload volumes up to 11,000 gallons per hookup are available by prior arrangement by calling the front desk.

Payment For Services

Payment for all services is due at time of delivery, in full, and prior to the aircraft’s departure. Robinson Aviation accepts tyhe following payment methods:

Major Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX)

Contract Fuel


World Fuel